Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Blade Itself - The First Law Book One

At first I was a bit lost (as in most fantasy books you can find). Tolkien didn't write it so there are no endless description of the lands and the people (I love Tolkien, mind you). Joe Abercrombie jumps right into the action.
Soon I got used to the new setting and dove into the story with my eyes closed.
This is the first book of a trilogy, so it does not end. Some might not like this, but I rather enjoy trilogies and series. If the characters hook me, I'm always eager to read more about them.
The characters are great, in fact, it's the best part of the trilogy. They are so different, odd, and non-stereotyped. There is no good or bad characters; each has its good parts and its bad parts. In that sense its much more realistic than many fantasy books around.
Another thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that it's for adults. Most of the fantasy written now (or in the past) is for young adults. This trilogy aint.
So if you like fantasy but prefer a more adult tone on the books you read, this is the trilogy for you.
In this first book we are introduced into the main characters: Glockta, a cynical crippled that tortures people; Logen, a warrior trying to change his life, haunted by his past; Jazele, a self-centered, vehement, stuckup, rich-boy, aristocrat; and several others just as peculiar as these.
There are several plot threads (another thing I love about a book), that cross in several occasions. But it's not a complicated plot, so regardless of how many threads the story follows, you won't get lost. As I said before, the best thing about these books are the characters, and how they confront the situations that come upon them.

A great read, really recomendable.

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