Thursday, July 17, 2014

Indie Publishing Momentum

As seen in the last Author Earning report ( from '' the momentum of indie publishing is still there. The big 5 publishing houses are loosing percentage of their share -which would explain the numerous attacks from their world to indie publishing and Amazon in particular. Also small and medium publishers are growing also.

All this is great news for all indie writers/publishers. It means that this path or route is no longer a last resort or a place for the ones who could not make it, but a valid option when deciding how to proceed with your literary career.

Every graph is interesting, but one of the most so, is the one dedicated to DRM usage.
As you can see, DRM does NOT insure author earnings; also, non-DRM publishing does NOT insure piracy. These are two very important affirmations that break down the myth of piracy. Readers prefer to pay for what they read, but readers are no fools, and don't want to be cheated with prices. If you charge the same -or barely- price for a e-book as for its physical counterpart, people will download them illegally. Readers aren't stupid. How is it that a physical book, which has production, transportation, and retail costs, has the same price as an e-book, which has none of those? The answer is quite easy, they increase the price of the e-book to deter possible buyers, and make them think "for the same price, I'll buy the physical copy". And the most outrageous part of this (at least for me, as an author) is that the increase in price, does not reflect in author royalties.

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