Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kindle Worlds

Amazon has announced their new project: "Kindle Worlds". A platform for fan fiction where authors (new and old) will be able to write fan fiction and earn money. Amazon has secured licences for three fiction worlds at the moment: Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Little pretty liars.

This is a really interesting idea. It will give the opportunity for many fans to publish their fan fiction stories and earn some money. And it will give readers the opportunity to expand on the universes that they love. Haven't you ever felt like you can't get enough of some fictional world (i.e. Star Wars, Star Treck, Middle Earth, Westeros, Marvel Univers, DC Univers, etc.). I have, in more than one occasion.

I personally, will not be writing any fan fiction (for now; you can never say never). But I would very much enjoy reading fan fiction of my favorite fictional Universes.

So let us hope that Amazon secures more licences, and the options increase.

I will be watching the developments closely.

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