Monday, May 6, 2013

Halfway home - Hugh Howey

This was a great book. Some have qualified it as young adult fiction; maybe the fact that the characters are all teenagers draws that conclusion, but I don't quite agree. The book has many adult themes like: "What does real freedom mean", "the struggle for power", "strength comes from unity", "how most people will follow an idea or person like sheep", "can we change our destiny, our position in life; and should we", etc. There is a theme that is usually used in young-adult fiction; "rebellion against the powers that be".
I think that this book has more layers than most people have noticed.
But, enough of that and lets talk about what a page-turner this book is. I bought it and a couple of days later I have already finished it. It's not a long book, but being as busy as I usually am, it is something unusual to finish so quickly a novel. But the truth is I couldn't stop reading; had to find out what happened next.
I think that the best books are does that have this effect on you, those that you must keep reading until you reach the end.
When I finished, I smoked a cigarette in the balcony, musing over the story, the characters, everything.
Summing up, it's a great book and I recommend it.

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