Friday, February 21, 2014

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

This new YA novel by Brandon Sanderson was really pleasant to read. It's the first in a new series and works as an introduction to the new world of the Epics and Calamity.
I have to admit that I'm not especially fond of YA literature, and there was moments I missed more adult themes, however the story and characters are so compelling that those moments diluted away barely unnoticed. In spite of being the first in a series, it can be read as a stand alone novel. It's one of those that if you don't read any more in the series, you wont be missing anything. So if you do read more, it's because you want to return to the alternate world Sanderson has created and to find out what happens next to the main characters. This is something I appreciate when reading the first installments in a series. Instead of leaving dozens of unfinished plot threads -which would be resolved in the next novel- he ties everything up neatly, and leaves it to the reader to decide if he wants to delve once more in his fantastic alternate world.
The characters are compelling, as I said before; maybe somewhat simple than what I would prefer, but it is a YA novel. However they are well fleshed and most of them don't fit the stereotypes. A few do fall into the common stereotypes, and I guess that once again the reason is because this is a YA novel.
All in all, I enjoyed it, and -mainly for this reason- I will read the next in the series when it comes out.

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