Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dean Wesley Smith's advice on indie-writing

I stumbled upon a great blog post by writer Dean Wesley Smith. He gives great advice that every starting writer (indie-writer that is), should read. He explains how to kill the myth that if you want to make it as an indie writer, you have to publish a bunch of books really quickly.

Take a look, it's great advice.

Killing the top ten sacred cows of indie publishing #7 I have to sell books quickly

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Restructuring and adding

I have been restructuring and adding stuff to my WIP "Commanders". This had translated into a longer length target for the manuscript. I was planning on 100,000 words; however adding several new chapters has grown that number to 111,000.

I needed a few more chapters to explain certain things regarding a couple of characters. Mainly Juni Lampress, a woman with a voracious ambition. Her schemes weren't clear, so I needed to add more chapters with her.  Also for Teron Cladwin, but in his case it was just to give him a little bit more of exposition.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Five Star Reviews

Just wanted to share my two first five star reviews of Children of Space. They were posted at B&N for the paperback edition.

"Nicely written and good story content."

"You will love this book!"

It is such a wonderful feeling to read these comments by people I have never met. However, in a way, they have met me, through my writing they can see parts of me (if they care to look).

I know this might sound a bit cheese, but I will save these reviews in my hard drive for later years.

Hopefully they will be the first of many to come.